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John Anderson Professional Services

Plans for Extensions

What I do...

If you feel that you would like to use

my services I would -


* make an intial visit (without charge) and

listen to your requirements and aspirations.

* give you an initial feedback  on what is

possible and the likely outcomes.

* provide you with a quotation for drawings and any other services (such as a structural engineer for example) and dealing with all the red tape.


Once we have agreed the fee and you have asked me to go ahead I will -


Produce plans for planning permission, building control and licencing purposes.


Take care of planning, building control and water authority applications.


Arrange for structural calculations

to be produced if necessary.

 *take all necessary photographs and measurements.

 *ensure that I fully understand your requirements.

 *prepare a set of initial drawings and return for a

  discussion where we can make as many revisions as


 *purchase O.S. site plans and block plans.

 *produce a final set of plans, ensuring that you

   are completely happy with the design.

 *complete the application forms as appropriate and

  submit the plans to the relevant authorities.

 *continue to monitor progress of the applications

   and deal with any objections and revisions as may

   be necessary to achieve approvals.

Sample plans

Existing elevations Proposed elevations Proposed floor plans Existing floor plans Licencing plan


Finally, I will hand over your approval notices and final revised drawings.

Need plans for...


A single story    extension?


A 2 story side extension?


A major re-furbishment?


A room over a  garage?


A new home office?


Just give me a call

01594 529523